Sarah Nicole Lemon spent the first fifteen years of her life doing nothing but running wild in the woods and books. She has yet to outgrow either. When not writing books about girls who are at odds with the world, you can find her outside, coffee in hand.

Her debut novel, DONE DIRT CHEAP was published in 2017 with Amulet/Abrams. A second novel, VALLEY GIRLS, will be published May 8, 2018, also from Amulet.

You can follow her on Twitter (@sarahnlemon), Instagram (sarahnicolelemon) and Tumblr (here).

Five Facts

  1. I have a tattoo on my arm of a skull buried inside ferns, dogwoods, a black-eyed-susan, and chicory (the blue flowered herb that grows by the road and everyone thinks is a weed). The flowers all represent something in my life. At the bottom is the latin phrase, sola gratia, which means “grace alone”.
  2. Rules are meant to be thought over logically, weighed out for consequences and broken when I deem necessary.
  3. I have an enduring, life-long love for doom metal. Probably because I was raised Baptist and a band named Goatsnake is level 10 obvious rebellion.
  4. I am a method writer. Mostly to satisfy my own lusts of adventure. But also, I can’t imagine writing about something I can’t access the feel of.
  5. My first job was, yes, butchering wild game. I was paid $4/hr, under the table. I can skin a buck, run a trot line…and…well you know. (and if you don’t, you don’t).


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